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Lili&Vava Decorative Art Lab


Lili&Vava Decorative Art Lab is a laboratory and art gallery created to introduce to public young Russian artists who work with decorative art. We believe that all cliches about decorative art should be left behind since it has become an important part of contemporary art practice. Currently the artists of the gallery work with such media as ceramics, art glass, and tapestry.

A collector, Sotheby’s Institute of Art London alumna Alexandra Zhukova, founded the gallery in 2020. The title of the gallery, on the one hand, is devoted to women who practiced decorative art in the past, kept the traditions and continued them. On the other hand, to those who played an important role in the art of the XXth century.

Currently Lili&Vava Gallery works with young Russian artists: Ekaterina Tyumina (St. Petersburg), Kira Kostina (Moscow), Marina Akilova (Pskov), Daria Blokhina (Moscow), Liza Melnik (St. Petersburg), and Alena Kost (Taganrog). The mission of the gallery is to help the artists from all parts of Russia who work with decorative art to develop their creative practices.

LiliVava Decorative Art Lab
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Gallery exhibitions

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