Gallery Kult Proekt


Kult Proekt took part in the European Biennale of Contemporary Art, frequently takes part in the Photobiennale, SCOPE Miami-2018, SCOPE New York-2019 and VOLTA Basel-2019, P/CAS - Paris, CADAF Miami - 2019, Untitiled SF - 2020.

Gallery Kult Proekt, during its 12-year history has implemented more than 150 projects, including collaborations with different museums from Moscow and Saint Petersburg and other cultural institutions. Its projects were nominated for Kandinsky and Kurekhin awards and has regularly participated at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. This gallery collaborates with recognized artists, whose works are presented in the country’s main museums, as well as with young authors who are at the beginning of their artistic way. Gallery Kult Proekt regularly participates in international fairs in order to promote Russian contemporary art.

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