Arts Square Gallery


Arts Square Gallery is a multifunctional exhibition venue and creative lab with workshops, lectures, concerts, auctions, fashion shows and movie premieres. The gallery was founded by Mikhail Sasonko, art collector and philanthropist, in St. Petersburg in 2017.

The two-level open space of the Arts Square Gallery shows not only temporary projects but also a permanent exhibition comprising works from Mikhail Sasonko’s personal collection. Among the artists presented by the gallery there are a lot of classics of Soviet art including Evsey Moiseenko, Isaac Brodsky, Georgy Nissky, Petr Petrovichev, Boris Uspensky

Contemporary art is one of the priorities of the Arts Square Gallery. In 2019 the gallery opened a new space in the center of Moscow in a unique exhibition center CUBE.MOSCOW. Our mission is to promote Russian artists internationally as well as to support private collections of contemporary and classical art.

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