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EPrimeFeed: New exhibitions will open in the space of the Cube.Moscow art platform

On June 10, new exhibitions will open in the space of the Cube.Moscow art platform. Gallery “KultProekt” will present the exhibition “Personal Geography” in the great hall. It will consist of two parts: Livre d’artiste (The Artist’s Book) and an installation. Tatyana Badanina, Vasily Vlasov, Evgeny Gor, Viktor Lukin, Maria Kulagina, Mikhail Molochnikov and many others participated in the project.

The Syntax gallery is also opening an exhibition by Slava Nesterov Through Three Laughing Thresholds, which examines the culture of laughter in its development. On the one hand, the forms of laughter created an unofficial, extra-ecclesiastical and extra-state character of the world, of man and of the relations between people. On the other hand, the culture of laughter is intimately linked to the theme of life and death.

In addition, the Syntax gallery presents a group exhibition “From essay to vector” by artists Daniil Vasiliev, Vladimir Kartashov, Vlad Maltsev, Slava Nesterov, Pavel Polshchikov, Charles Norman, John Flaxman and Fyodor Tolstoy. The exhibition program refers to the tradition of creating graphic images with a sketchy line.

In addition, Andrey Syailev’s personal exhibition “Breakthrough of the Tear” continues to work at PA Gallery, and Sergey Ratchin’s personal exhibition will open at Kupol Gallery. Also, as part of the pop-up project, a collection of Bogdan Bonchuk’s photographs “The Ideal Man” can be viewed. For its part, Arts Square Gallery presented the exhibition “Pozdeev. A brief review” of paintings and graphic works by the artist Andrey Pozdeev.

Earlier, Cube.Moscow and the Moscow School of Contemporary Art announced a long-term cooperation. This step will facilitate the integration of young professionals.


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