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Gallery Kult Proekt, during its 12-year history has implemented more than 150 projects, including collaborations with different museums from Moscow and Saint Petersburg and other cultural institutions. Its projects were nominated for Kandinsky and Kurekhin awards and has regularly participated at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.


Arts Square Gallery

SENSE Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that works with volume and space, promoting digital and public art. Gallery collaborates with rising sculptors, artists, digital artists, photographers. The gallery has an educational project and three thematic communities: for artists, gallery owners and investors.

Kupol Gallery


Heritage Gallery was founded by art critic and collector Kristina Krasnyanskaya. Starting out as a gallery specializing in art of the first wave Russian diaspora, it has since then expanded its scope and is presenting Russian art from the first half of the 20th century, as well as modern and contemporary art.



This Moscow-based gallery was founded in June 2012 by Mariana Guber-Gogova. Artwin Gallery organizes exhibitions in museum venues, actively supports the artists on its roster, and participates in contemporary art fairs. The gallery’s main objectives are to create a platform for dialogue between artists of different countries and generations, and to promote emerging Russian art both at home and abroad.



The key mission of Syntax Gallery is to establish a space for conversation between different artistic strategies and generations as well as promote Russian contemporary artists on the international scene. Founded in 2018, Syntax Gallery is the brainchild of art dealer and curator Elvira Tarnogradskaya, the Head of Artika Project LLC and Co-Founder of Triangle Gallery.



PA Gallery represents Russian and international contemporary artists as well as unofficial soviet art of the late 20th century. PA Gallery artists come from different backgrounds, their artistic practices vary from traditional painting to sculpture and video art.

Windows Project


Window Project is a contemporary art gallery based in Tbilisi, Georgia showing works of Georgian and international artists. The gallery mainly is focused to promote young Georgian artists as well as to show works of a "forgotten" older generation to contribute to the dialogue between the past and the present.



Gallery and art shop Cubed specializes in replicable prints, multipliers and art objects both young and already well-known Russian artists. Limited edition posters, prints and sculptures, tableware, kinetic and decorative objects, accessories, jewelry, toys and gifts for art lovers and hard to surprise people.



Alisa is a new contemporary art gallery founded by curator and art manager Alisa Bagdonaite, chief curator of the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art (Vladivostok), who has curated and overseen many exhibitions and projects with a view to support artists and foster the Russian contemporary art scene.


«Sreda» Gallery

Sreda is a gallery of the Faculty of Contemporary Art at "Sreda Obucheniya" Higher School, which aims to support experimental projects of students, graduates and teachers, art of the regions of Russia, as well as research in the field of posthuman studies, Russian cosmism, postcolonial theory, and feminism.

Lili&Vava Decorative Art Lab

Lili&Vava Decorative Art Lab

Lili&Vava Decorative Art Lab is a laboratory and art gallery created to introduce to public young Russian artists who work with decorative art. We believe that all cliches about decorative art should be left behind since it has become an important part of contemporary art practice. Currently the artists of the gallery work with such media as ceramics, art glass, and tapestry.