Bold concepts, constant curatorial experiment and endless possibilities to take the first step to the beginning of your own collection. | | +7 977 167 55 17
a-s-t-r-a GALLERY
a-s-t-r-a is a gallery project created by Alina Kryukova in 2018 to promote art among the new generation of buyers, as well as to popularize art collecting as an integral part of the contemporary lifestyle.
a-s-t-r-a is a combination of online sales and offline events aimed at attracting new audience to the art market through a series of curatorial exhibitions and educational projects, as well as through collaborations with contemporary art institutions. | | +7 495 203 08 88
Gridchinhall is the gallery with countryside art-residence. It offers original artworks and limited editions. Any complete collection of contemporary Russian art includes Gridchinhall artist artworks. | | +7 916 608 43 94
InGallery promotions and supports contemporary artists as well as represents Russian artists from the second half of the XX century. Thus the gallery creates great opportunities for new and experienced art collectors and investors.
For its 12 year history, the gallery has organized more than 150 projects. The study of the contexts of the environment, artbook and book illustration are a special area of interest of "Kultproekt". The tasks of exposure are in the field of professional interest in exhibition design. | | +7 962 906 71 51
A new Moscow gallery presents artists working with sculpture, art objects and land art.
@artgallerysense | +7 915 416 09 08
PA Gallery represents Russian and international contemporary artists as well as unofficial soviet art of the late 20th century. PA Gallery artists come from different backgrounds, their artistic practices vary from traditional painting to sculpture and video art. Their works have been featured in international Biennials and are included in private and public collections around the world. | | +7 966 322 77 99
Syntax Gallery is created by Elvira Tarnogradskaya, former founder of Artika Project LLC and Triangle Gallery. The gallery's mission is to create a space for conversation between different art strategies and generations and also to provide support for Russian contemporary art in the international art scene. | | +7 495 175 52 17
The Cubed Editions Gallery and Art-Shop focus on prints, multiples and art-objects from both emerging and well known Russian contemporary artists. Posters, prints and sculptures, issued in limited edition, tableware, kinetic and decorative objects, accessories, jewelry, toys and gifts for art lovers and people who are hard to surprise.
@cubed_art_shop | +7 916 550 04 31
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